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share the love, but don't steal ;-)

Jojohot - the dedicated chinese scanlation group
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This is a community for the visitors/users/lovers/leechers of Jojohot.com

I'm not sure about what I want to do with this yet, but I will regularly put Jojohot scanlation releases up here... ^^

*What is Jojohot.com?*
-Jojohot is originally a chinese bbs (forum) that allows users to discuss their fav. manga and anime, eventually they started doing scanlations (from jap to chinese), and as things develop they have more and more stuff... and activities... and it's a really great site! (yes, or else why would I make a community for it! XD)

*Who is Jojo?*
-a really nice person who created and owns Jojohot.com, and he is still working very hard to improve Jojohot!!
-very busy everyday working on scanlations, forum stuff, and etc etc etc... well, hes just a really great person...

-is not a LEECHING site... it's a site for manga/anime lovers to unite and discuss... and make friends! =) (Jojo)
-so... if u like Jojohot.com! visit it more often and contribute ur positive energy by... well, posting constructive posts and be a good member! XD (that is, if u know chinese! XD)

+the above is my own understanding of Jojohot.com... and some words adopted from the site! XD+

***If you want to use jojohot scans as your raw, please DON'T =v=;***

But if you insist on doing so without our conscent... PLEASE keep all the Jojohot symbols and staff credits and AND do not use it for commercial purposes =v=; and DON'T let us know... or else saorren will Bite your sorry ass.