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[導航帖] Read Me First

Welcome to JOJOHOT @ Livejournal. We bring you Jojohot releases every week (hopefully keeping up to date). We hope you enjoy your stay and respect the distribution rules of the scanlations.

>>> Release Contents coming soon ^^


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Releases: Week of 7th Jan 2007

Happy New Year~~

Sorry for the lazy week. Hope everyone had a good start XD
I might not update very often but I'll make sure I update at least once a week =)


ARIA 水星领航员 45
Claymore 大劍 65-67
Eyeshield 21 Pilot Chapter Part 2 光速 前傳 後篇
HolyLand 捍卫圣域 113
NEURO 魔人偵探 62
One Piece Cross Epoch + Ch. 0 Romance Dawn
XXXholic 121

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Releases: Week of 31 Dec 2006

These are actually the newest releases so far, not just this week's... anyway ^^
Please tell me if there are any broken links and welcome to tell me which services are good or not.


21st Century Boys 21世紀少年 250 (Ch1 of Final Stage 最終章 第一話)
Air Gear 飛輪少年 149
BLEACH 死神 258
Blue Dragon RalΩGrado
藍龍 04
Eyeshield 21 光速 216
FMA 鋼煉 66
Gantz 殺戮都市 242
Kujibiki Unbalance 不公正抽籤 03
Naruto 火影 237
Nekoten! 貓天 01
One Piece 海賊王 440
Prince of Tennis 網王 330
The Ravages of Time 火鳳燎原 207
Vagabond 浪客行 224

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Renovation + Structural update

I'm structurally renewing the comm bit by bit... it's gonna take a while and I can't really put up any actual download links until the JOJOHOT site (or most chinese sites in general) go back to normal.

I'm planning to upload the releases (or at least recent releases) to different hosts, or at least try to... (or steal links from JOJOHOT, the ones that don't expire due to download limits...) I'll for sure use SENDSPACE and MEGAUPLOAD, most probably Uploading.com and Turboupload too... kinda tired of RapidShare and YSI...

Any other suggestions (or help)?

Older version:
After a long~ long~ long~ hiatus of half a year, I finally have some time to pick up... I mean catch up with updating. First I changed the layout of the comm... <-- not even relevant >.>;;

To be honest I havent been to JOJOHOT myself for quite some time too... such an irresponsible mod... T__T;;;;

I was trying to get the Naruto chapters back, but some are still missing... I know not many ppl here want the old releases, but I still want to get them for my own record...

I'll do more tomorrow, planning to change things a bit here too. Now it's time to sleep... (and hope they fix things soon in Asia... or else I won't be able to connect to jojohot and wont be able to get anything... = =)


20th Century Boys 20世紀少年

20th Century Boys

Volumes 單行本
Vol 1
Vol 2
Vol 3
Vol 4
Vol 5
Vol 6
Vol 7
Vol 8
Vol 9
Vol 10
Vol 11
vol 12
Vol 13
Vol 14
Vol 15
Vol 16
Vol 17
Vol 18
Vol 19
Vol 20
Vol 21Vol 22

Chapters 連載話數

21st Century Boys

Final stage of 20th Century Boys

Chapters 連載話數

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